Construction projects often involve huge costs including overheads, and are generally spread over a few years. Additionally, big companies are likely to have several projects running concurrently. The biggest challenges in construction are probably 1) staying within the budget and 2) completing the project within the deadline. As a builder or construction company, you also need to have full visibility to manage unforeseen situations, delays or pauses, and minimize loss of profitability.

So what is ERP and how does ERP software for construction industry help?

ERP means enterprise resource planning; it’s a business process management software that enables an organization to use a system of cohesive applications for managing various activities of the business, and automating several back office functions. ERP software incorporates all elements of an operation like planning, development, implementation, sales, and marketing, and helps manage multiple projects at the same time.


The biggest advantage of implementingconstruction project management softwareis that it allows you to manage time effectively. Whether a bricklaying company or a big-time construction company, ERP solutions can help you manage your resources effectively, as construction ERP is generally easily scalable.

Using ERP for your construction business, you will be able to operate many aspects of your business more efficiently without resorting to a lot of guesswork and wasting time. You can:

  • Improve visibility
  • Streamline your business processes
  • Manage materials effectivel
  • Reduce cost of inventory
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Track and control labour costs
  • Reduce manual entering and maintenance of records
  • Eliminate duplication of work
  • Synchronize your workflow
  • Enhance accuracy
  • Deliver business intelligence that will help you make quick, informed decisions

All of these will help you stay on top of the competition, and boost your productivity, revenue, and profitability.

An ERP software for construction can help in all stages, right from pre-construction to post-construction. As each module in the software is robust enough to be used independently, you can either use the whole system or individual modules, as the need arises.

The data handling capabilities are speedy and precise.

There is a module to take care of HR and payroll functions like managing leave, performance, calculating salary, generating payslips, and so on.

The financial accounting module ensures that all accounts and finance related tasks like tax calculations, bank account management, transferring payment entries etc. are simplified and completed quickly.

Buildermax ERP is one of the best construction ERP software India has, thanks to its high level of scalability, flexibility and security. Our specialized modules include the following: real estate CRM, engineering and construction, financial accounts and quality check. This helps in swift implementation for multiple projects simultaneously, and ensures long lasting customer satisfaction.

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