When most establishments think of ERP they think about a single system that harbors all their operations. Several organizations want all their operative modules like employee base, customer details and their financial data all clubbed into a single system, that brings the entire organization together.
Is a single system ERP feasible for the technological, business and organizational needs of large construction companies? The advantage of using a single ERP system for construction management is that it has single point of control; a single system that allows you to streamline all the procedures of the organization by providing a single location for the data. Businesses are growing more complex by the day and having a single system ERP designed to facilitate the needs of the entire organization, may not always be conducive.
The developers of ERP software in India, like Buildermax ERP, are now adopting integrated systems. Several users of construction project management software have shifted to best-of-breed solutions or integrated solutions that concentrate on the depth of a particular functionality. Single ERP systems scale the entire breadth of the organization unlike integrated systems that consider each module as an individual unit and enhance their working.

How to choose a construction management ERP?

• Business requirements are crucial to the selection of ERP systems. If you have a large company, having an integrated system may be a more viable option. There are several types of construction management ERP systems that are available and implementing one, can be an overwhelming experience. Determine your business processes and requirements; this is important because it helps you identify the criteria to selecting the most suited systems and further helps you define the scope of the system to be implemented.
• Business processes and technological integration can be complex when it comes to implementing integrated ERP. This implementation calls for integration of multiple systems and dissimilar data. This can put your IT team to task but once it is properly implemented it ensures smooth and streamlined working of the organization. Single ERP systems work for organizations with a manageable set of processes.
• Long term ERP strategy must be considered. Understanding your organization’s long term software strategy is very important before implementation of ERP system.
Though it may seem overwhelming initially, implementing an integrated ERP system to manage the processes of your construction business, will prove to be ideal in the long run.