To track how many daily, weekly, monthly or annual leads your business receives from each marketing channel, More importantly, do you know which channels bring your most result oriented prospects.

  • Organize lead data.
  • Track engagements and touch points throughout the sales cycle.
  • Tie activities to outcomes.
  • View the communications & action process
  • Assign Lead Source to Sales
  • And continually analyse lead sources that bring the most qualified leads to your business


The Sales category includes business documents that help organize and streamline sales and marketing functions. Which includes

  • Lead source
  • campaign
  • enquiry date
  • Customer Details
  • Project Details
  • Budget

specifications and assigning with further clarifications to sales person for assisting them. Sales person can send specific proposals/requirement these proposals/estimates can be followed up and monitored.


With CRM you can automate your business processes and synchronize all the accepts of customer needs projects finance and building team to get an overall idea about project status.

  • Customer Registration
  • Monitor Status.
  • Milestone.
  • Customer Extra work Management
  • Payment Tracking
  • Handover


The projects module will be taken care of entire construction activities including

  • Project Creation
  • Milestones ( Related to customer payments)
  • Stages
  • Pre-Estimation
  • Measurement Book
  • Procurement Management
  • Project Check-list

Finance & Accounts

Builder Max maintains ledgers of complete book keeping, Financial accounting, receivables and Payables, covering the entire expenses of each project including bank reconciliation VAT, Entry Tax, specific VAT etc

  • Ledgers
  • Bank Management -Milestone based Customer cash ,Bank loan and due management
  • Day Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Project wise Trading and Profit & Loss
  • Project wise Balance Sheet


This module is to manage stages under each milestone.


This module divides the whole project into different stages/milestone of construction. The payment is related to the completion of each milestones in the construction. It helps to track the completion of work and payments systematically

Quality Management

The system of quality management follows strict practice of visual groups for completion of each milestone and whole projects. The report of work completion should be backed by such evidence for approval

Quality Management consist of two way approach

  • Ensuring Property wise /Task wise quality control management.
  • Tracking of Complaints and Tasks wise problems.


The entire user and role based access settings will be configured using the Configuration settings.