What Makes Builders Max Outstanding?

As a result all planning details can be incorporated.This wonderful package has a brilliant track record of 12 years in the field of construction which has extended its sway across the country due to its efficiency and effectiveness. The software provides the facilities of project costing classified in different segments and divisions, estimation of jobs, financial management- in short, the complete financial reporting in single solution.The operational costs are reduced astonishingly, resulting in hike in profit. The dominance of the software as the most users friendly with high performance is unshakable .Builder Max imparts easiness and simplicity solutions of complex problems and multiple projects and renders scope for knowledge sharing. Decision taking becomes easy with this analytical software which saves time and enhances management efficiencies.

All accounts of payable and receivables are managed in an easy format and this ERP software bears a centralised data repository for easy management of multiple construction projects. It provides you with all the necessary tools and information culminating in better and faster performance.

  • Intelligent business analysis tool.
  • Comprehensive and all-inclusive functions
  • System of Integration of different departments
    • Swift Implementation
    • Loyalty of the satisfied clients
    • Innumerable Projects
  • Ready to serve service desk.
  • Extension across the country
  • Persistent research for Innovation and improvement

Our Main Modules

The comprehensive and all- inclusive nature makes Builders Max the latest, higher

end and a ‘class of its own kind. It helps to make the Modules

With CRM you can automate your business processes and synchronize all the accepts of customer needs projects finance

The Sales category includes business documents that help organize and streamline sales and marketing functions.

The projects module will be taken care of entire construction activities including Project Creation, Milestones, etc..

Finance and accounts Module

Builder Max maintains ledgers of complete book keeping, Financial accounting, receivables and Payables, covering

Quality Checks Module

The system of quality management follows strict practice of visual groups for completion of each milestone and whole projects.

MIS Reports

Its meanse management information service generally it is monthly to submit to the Head of the unit

Builder Max is an intelligent or rather to say ‘thinking’ software specially designed for the builders to find comprehensive solutions for the problems they face in their operations. All- inclusiveness of Builder Max starts from software assistance to the projects even before its actual planning. The efficiency of its performance reflects in the swiftness, accuracy and meticulousness of the reporting system. Monitoring and management of the projects are made easy and economical and the high analytical reporting enables the builders to plug in losses.