To make business decisions every single day, what managers in any industry need is accurate data; but how many managers have access to precise data that will enable them to decide what’s best for their organization?
Access to reliable data may be limited if your construction company uses only basic software and/or spreadsheets. To get this access and to make data-driven decisions, you need to replace those old systems with a robust ERP solution.
The three main benefits your construction business can get from implementing an ERP software are:
• Aligning business activities and corporate tactics
• Optimal allocation and usage of available resources
• Reducing the general organizational stress of complying with regulations.

When you use several different systems, your data gets stored in different places, and you will have to rely on the employees of your different departments to give you reports on raw materials, finance, leads, conversion, and so on. This is time consuming, and puts brakes on your ability to access and evaluate the data. There may also be errors due to duplication of entries, or different reporting formats across departments. If you rely on such data, you will not be able to make the right decisions for your construction company.
So the wise thing to do would be to switch to a reliable real estate ERP software like Buildermax ERP. Our integrated ERP system allows you to manage all your core business activities in one solution – including financials, CRM, Sales, Projects, Quality checks, and so on. This solution is extremely user-friendly, and efficient, reducing your operating costs and eventually increasing your profits.
Starting from the planning stage, right up to the sale of the completed projects – Buildermax ERP makes entering data quick and easy, and generates meticulous, analytical reports that will help you stem your losses in any segment or phase of construction, and increase your profits. Sharing of these reports and data is also greatly simplified and this allows for quick decision making; this will also pave the way for greater customer satisfaction.
You have the freedom to add on modules to address the specific needs of your company so that you can have greater control over your business operations and monitor every department or phase effectively.
With a successful track record spanning 12 years, it is little wonder that Buildermax ERP is one of the most sought-after software for real estate CRM in India.